Hairstyle Makeover

Know before you go to the salon if you really want that new hairstyle.

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Virtually try on a new style and see if you really would look better

The most user friendly hairstyle app in the app store! Match the hairstyles to your photo in an easy to use interface. Tap and drop the style you want. Celebrating our 4th year! We only use REAL hairstyles and professionally edit them ourselves so they look real when you try them on.

Real Hairstyles

Hairstyles in this App are REAL styles, professionally cutout over the last two years from real photos of celebrities and models. This means when you add a hairstyle to your photo, it looks real. When you get opinions, many people will think you have already went to the salon.

Recently featured by the New York Times

Many Different Styles to Choose From

  • Womens Hairstyles, Short, Medium, Long and Up Do’s
  • Mens Hairstyles, Short, Medium and Long
  • Facial Hair, Beards and Mustaches
  • BONUS – Crazy and Fun Wigs

Easy to use

Load A Photo

Load a photo from your photo album, use one of our sample photos or take a new photo using the built in camera on your device

Add A New Style

Browse the the different hairstyle and tap the one you would like to add to your photo. Once added to the photo you can adjust the size, rotation and placement of the hairstyle to match your photo perfectly. Plus you can use the Eraser, Color and Flip tools to fine tune the hairstyle.

Save & Share

When you are done with your photo hit the save button and you can save the photo to your photo album on your device or share it via email, Facebook, Instagram, iMessage and Twitter. Share your new styles with friends and family to get opinions of your new look before you commit.

App Features

  • 5 Sample Styles for each type, Unlock Hundreds of the highest quality hairstyles, beards and mustaches that were professionally edited from real photos via In App Purchase. The hair will look real, which means you can get real opinions from friends, family and even your hairdresser.
  • Male and Female Hairstyles
  • Styles sorted by Male, Female, Short, Medium, Long, Beards and Mustaches. We also included a bunch of outrageous and fun wigs.
  • Universal App, install on all your iOS devices.
  • Use your camera, load a photo from your photo album or use one of our sample models
  • Adjust placement, size and rotation of all styles
  • Save and Share with Email, Twitter, Facebook and iMessage integration.

Advanced Editing Tools

  • Cut the hairstyle by touching parts you don’t want.
  • Lightness/Brightness editing on the style.
  • Blur the hair to match your photo.
  • Adjust the width or height only of the hairstyle. This helps match the hair to your face structure.
  • Flip the hair to change the part side.
  • Access previously added hairstyles by using our layer tool.
  • Change the color tint of the style to match your photo.
Designed for iPhone and iPad Graphic

A Universal iOS App

This app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad


This app made my friend believed that I got a new hairstyle


Realistic – Very to use and now I got opinions on a new do without the commitment.


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